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Learn How to Avoid Probate

Florida Probate Attorney Can Help You Navigate Through The Probate Process

Generally speaking, the probate process is there to establish your last will and testament is valid, and to ensure that there are no mistakes or unlawful mandates. It will also identify "Marshal" and appraise portions of your estate assets. While this is certainly meant to be a beneficial procedure, it can many times feel unnecessary and only cost time and money that your loved ones will be burdened with.

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Choose the Right Options to Avoid Probate

There is more than one way to ensure your estate does not go through probate, but choosing the best option is not necessarily a straightforward process. In order to make sure you are making a good choice that is tailored to your unique situation, speak with Attorney Howard Wiener to learn the differences between the following planning and opportunities:

  • Joint ownership: Usually used in regards to bank accounts and real property; joint ownership will split control of a portion of your estate between you and another person. Upon your passing, the surviving party will assume total ownership of the asset.
  • Pay-on-death accounts: If you have large amounts of money or liquid assets in your bank accounts, you can set up a pay-on-death account that will automatically transfer your wealth to the person of your choosing when you pass.
  • Revocable living trust: Living trusts were specifically created to avoid probate by establishing a trustee to control your estate both before and after your passing. The trustee will distribute the property according to your wishes typically without complication.
  • Gift Giving: You should consider what assets in your estate can be given away to your loved ones right now (outright). When you pass away, those items will not go through probate

In addition to the above options, there are other tools available to you to avoid probate. In most situations, any estate valued at less than $75,000 is not considered large enough to require probate.

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