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Owing back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes can be frightening. The IRS has the power to take strong action in order to collect any past-due income taxes, including by issuing tax liens and levies. At the tax law firm of Howard J. Weiner & Associates, our tax lawyer can assist you with any legal tax related issue, including audits and planning.

If the IRS imposes a tax lien or a tax levy against you or your property, you may face the following consequences:

  • Your ability to engage in certain economic activities can be severely handicapped.
  • The IRS may reserve some of your income for the payment of past-due taxes
  • A levy may serve to garnish your incoming funds or freeze your bank accounts in an attempt to collect your debt to the government

Looking for a Florida lawyer to assist with a tax audit?

If your bank account has been frozen or your wages garnished by the IRS, talk to Attorney Howard Wiener right away. He may be able to negotiate on your behalf to have the lien or levy removed. He can also talk to you about strategic options such as offers in compromise, installment agreements or pursuing a penalty abatement. These options are designed to help taxpayers who are struggling financially and could allow you to renegotiate the terms of your tax debt or even reduce the amount you owe. At Howard J. Wiener & Associates, P.L., we have helped many of our clients regain control of their economic stability and health and we are prepared to help you.

Consult a Florida Bard Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist in Florida

You should know that you have Appeal Rights. A good tax attorney can help you understand what your judicial, statutory and administrative appeal rights are and ensure that they are taken advantage of. FOR EXAMPLE, IN MOST CASES, YOUR TAX LIABILITY CAN BE REDUCED BY 40% OR MORE JUST BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE IRS APPEALS PROCESS. Contact our tax law firm to discuss your tax disputes.

Have you been audited by the IRS?

If you do not believe that the results of your IRS audit were correct or fair, you have the right to appeal these findings with the IRS Office of Appeals. An appeals officer can then reconsider the facts of your situation and work to resolve any disputes. Keep in mind, however, that starting with the date of Notice of the Services position, you have 30 days to make your appeal. In many cases, filing an appeal - also referred to as a protest - is a substantially worthwhile decision that can greatly benefit your situation.

Even if you do not come to a satisfactory conclusion with your appeals officer, you have the right to go before the United States Tax Court, Federal District Court, or the Federal Court of Claims to argue your case. Again, there is a deadline for these actions, so it is important that you move quickly to retain competent legal representation. Contact Howard Wiener to discuss filing a formal audit reconsideration or appeal.

Fighting for taxpayer rights for more than 42 years!

Need a Florida attorney for a tax audit? At Howard J. Wiener & Associates, P.L., our founding attorney is a board-certified specialist in the field of tax law. For more than 42 years, our firm has been applying a high level of expertise in a variety of tax law cases throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties. Attorney Howard Wiener is recognized as a leading authority in his field and has received numerous honors, and awards throughout the course of his career.

If you are facing a federal or state tax audit, do not hesitate to contact our firm right away for the tenacious representation you need. Call Howard J. Wiener & Associates, P.L. today to schedule your affordable case evaluation with an experienced professional who can help you.

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